Trends in Search Engine Optimization for 2014

Krishna Tyner is a former senior marketing manager and the Java brand manager for Sun Microsystems. Today, Krishna Tyner is a digital marketing consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in online marketing programs, which naturally incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) and e-mail marketing.

Here are some SEO trends to look for in 2014:

Mobile Optimization: There was a time when SEO for mobile devices was optional, but now, sites without apps for mobile devices are having difficulty competing, especially following the release of Google’s Hummingbird updates.

Content Is King: This is not exactly a new trend, but content marketing is maturing. Modern consumers do not want to be sold a brand but to know the story behind it.

The Evolving Google Algorithm: Companies must tailor SEO to fulfill the idiosyncrasies of the Google search algorithm, which means a lesser emphasis on link building and a greater emphasis on adding real value to users.

Local Searches: According to the Google Places Stats and Facts page, 20 percent of searches are based on location. In addition, 56 percent of all mobile users browse locally.

HTML5: HTML5 is the new platform for interactive content and is quickly replacing Adobe’s Flash. Because HTML5 has cross-browser compatibility, companies will need to optimize their SEO accordingly.

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